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Hello there!

We are Marce and Lea, we are artists, and we are also a couple. Together we run a small business called Drawing the Way, here in beautiful Mount Maunganui. It all started 10 years ago when we stumbled upon each other during one of Lea´s South American travels. Since then we have been travelling and drawing together.


We create art inspired by our surroundings, (How could we not? have you ever seen the sunset at the Mount beach?)


Lea is crazy about detail, he loves making art maps and he’s always working on projects that involve an exploration of space.

Pilla is clumsy in her drawing (perspective is challenging!), but she's passionate when it comes to watercolours, portraits, and teaching.


We work together as a team, we complement each other. Lea can start a particular project with pencil and pen which Pilla might finish using digital design or applying watercolours.


Our goal is to connect with people through our artwork. We want people to share in our passion for drawing and painting, we want them to feel the same kind of excitement we do while we paint.


Please feel free to contact us, we are always happy to share our art tricks and tips with everyone.

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47A Bayfair drive

Mount Maunganui 3116

New Zealand 

+64204 025 6022

*Photos by the best photographer Erin from ILK.

Check  her website 

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