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This an ORIGINAL Custom made ILLUSTRATION!!!!.

We love doing paintings ♥ 

This listing is for a landscape IN OUR ILLUSTRATION STYLE (please notice is NOT a realistic portrait, what we do is to capture the spirit of the place)
Other variations are available (eye bird sight, map or whatever you have in mind ) please contact us for pricing info.

These images are previous commissioned paintings, we use them as  examples of what we can create! :-)

We offer custom & unique portraits of houses, business, farms or landscapes made with ink (drawing) and painted with watercolour on the most beautiful 300gsm acid free Archies cold press watercolour paper.

The size of the art piece is on a maximum of 55 cm width and can vary from 25 to 35 cm height, depending on your idea

******You will receive*******

1. A high-resolution digital file.
2. An ORIGINAL and UNIQUE (Unframed) painting signed and made with tons of love.
3 **OPTIONAL** Prints of your painting, please contact us for pricing and options (postcards, prints, posters, flyers or anything you can imagine)

----------How it Works?------------

1. Please email us a few (the most, the best) photos of the place in all angles in good lighting
2. photos of the details you want to include in the painting.
3. written details of what you want to include, what is important for you or what you wan to show up
4. If there is a mountain, a tree or something in the surroundings you want to include please add it to the photos 
Let us know what you have in mind in order to create the best piece of art! :-)

***We will need all the information you can provide us.

We just need some pictures!.

Custom Watercolor Paintings (big size)